Only you can hear

Only you can hear

When I was a kid, I loved a song by Jay Chou termed Only you can hear. I remember the bland and uninspired story in the MV about a couple of young lovers. The story about the meeting, falling in love, disagreements, arguments, and separations has little to do with my life of the time. While that was the story I understood as a child - the importance of communication in intimate relationships. So much so that I wanna steal the song title.

She told me she was following the real-time result of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

I said so did me and asked her who would probably win in her prediction.

“Why shall I predict the outcomes? I don’t even have a ballot.” She said.

“Then why do you watch real-time updates? You don’t even have a ballot.”

Feeling annoyed by her inexplicable unfriendly tone, which happens now and then in our not-long-lasting relationship, I wondered about her boundary and said those words more like a probe than a prank.

“Why must I bet on a team when watching a football game?” She argued.

“For most people, they do.”

It was a contorted metaphor. I was also willing to go with that absurd context without any meaningful clarification.

“So I don’t even deserve to see the election?” She said sarcastically.

“Ah, you sound angry.” I can imagine what her expression was behind the screen.

No more words came out.

Simply saying, “It doesn’t matter who wins, I don’t care”, can defuse an uncomfortable argument. However, she cannot speak even a single word. The greatest tragedy between us is that she never perceives her aggressive attitude towards others.

You cannot hear.

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